Monday, 7 May 2012

Pagemaker Tool Box Tutorial

In This Tutorial I am Going To Tell You About Tool Box In Pagemaker.

Text Tool: With The Help Of Text Tool You Can Type Text And you Can Apply Different Colors and Diff  Text style.
Selection Tool :  Selection Tool Is Useful To select  and Move Text Or Objects .
Transformation Tool: With The Help Of This Tool You Can Rotate Any Objects Like Rectangle Or Circle  Or Polygon Or Text.
Crop Tool: With The help Of Crop Tool You Can Move Picture or Text Inserted In Frame.
Line Tool: You Can Draw Lines With The Help Of Line Tool.
Horizantal Vertical Tool: You Can draw Horizantal And Vertical Lines With the Help of This Tool.
Rectangle Tool: With The Help of This Tool You Can Draw Rectangles.
Oval Tool:You can Draw  Circles with this tool.
Polygon Tool: With This Tool You Can Draw Polygons And Stars.
Hand Tool: It Is useful To move Page Or Document.
Rectangle Frame Tool: It Is Useful To Insert Pictures and also Polygon Frame and
Oval Frame Tool.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

About PageMaker

About PageMaker :
PageMaker is Mostly Useful In Publishing. You Can Create Any Document In PageMaker. Like
Visiting Card,Marriage card,Greting card,Pamplets, And laso  NewsPaper pages and Also You can Create Adds  For News paper.
In This Tutorial I Am going To Tell You About Pagemaker Main Window  (First page )
First Open Pagemaker By Going Start ment>program> Pagemaker 7.0
it Looks Like This.

Now Close The Templates window. These Are The Main Tools  in Pagemaker.Tool Box,Control Tool Box,
Color  palette Which are Most Importent To Create Any Document In Pagemaker.